Garth Edgar

3806 West 33rd Ave., Vancouver, BC, 
Canada, V6N 2H6

P: 604-727-3610.

About Us


Our People
VenturePlus is a private partnership of accomplished business executives and professionals managed from Vancouver, British Columbia. It is directed by Garth Edgar who, together with these executives and contacts, brings extensive resources and experience in a wide range of management disciplines, particularly with respect to the operation and growth of early stage resource and technology companies.

Our Services
VenturePlus provides "high impact" management consulting and business development services, delivering exceptional value to private and public companies and investors. We operate as strategic catalysts to assist in optimising the value within our client companies. Traditional consulting can have significant performance shortfalls. For example, it tends towards a 'big picture' comprehensive solution, paying little regard to the client's ability to implement or even afford the new vision. High impact management consulting focuses directly on defined short-term results and performance goals, delivering real, measurable value to our clients.

Our Value
We distinguish ourselves by quickly streamlining many of the administrative and management functions of a resource or technology company. Our significant operational experience enables us to recognize and grasp the major opportunities and problems facing a company within a very short period of time, and to define clear action plans based upon specific requirements. VenturePlus realizes that time is of the essence so we work hard, smart, fast and with immediate high impact on the businesses of our clients.